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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

stormy weather + togetherness.

it seems as if labor arrived and we quickly said goodbye to summer. it has been so dreary, dark and rainy since monday. i don't like this weather at all. especially, weather that creates tornadoes. and monday we had the perfect weather conditions for one.

i had been out buying paint when the tornado sirens began to blare. i had just walked into the store and employees and customers were being asked to take co
ver in a back training room. my heart stopped, i was alone. i had left my children at home with my mom and i didn't want to be away from them now. definitely not now. my first thought was, i needed to get home. i wanted to be at home. so yes, i disregarded the warnings, i left the store, got into my car and drove home. i was just in front of the tornado.

i now know a tornado definitely touched down not from where i had been and not far from our home at all. some of the homes in our neighborhood have been damaged and many trees are down. scary, yes. lucky, yes. thankful, yes. and very happy i was ab
le to safely get home to be with my children. after i got home, the sirens continually went off, it continued to storm and we lost power, yet we were all together and i couldn't imagine it any other way.

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