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Monday, February 27, 2012

a happy monday.

how was your weekend? i was very excited to have my cousins here with us for the weekend.  they arrived late thursday night and it was a weekend of catching up and visiting with family we don't get to see that often.  it definitely was a treat to have them here and we wished the weekend didn't have to end.  but, they left very early this morning, before the kids even headed off to school.

so, i'm enjoying a quiet monday at home, catching up on housework, laundry and getting organized for the rest of the week ahead.

p.s. - the picture above are the first marks on the new chalkboard wall in my freshly painted office. when i walked in here this morning, it made me instantly happy!! hope your monday is a happy one too!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a little secret.

 wanna know a little secret??

someday, i'd like to be a professional baker. although, i love to bake and do it whenever i can, i really would love to go back to school to learn all about baking and making sweets.  i know i am thinking BIG, but baking and being in my kitchen makes me happy. (and, so does pretty packaging too!)

this morning i came across these pictures of some items i baked and packaged for the preschool bake sale a couple of weeks ago. and, then i found this new online baking supply store, bake it pretty, and was even more inspired to dream and think BIG!

how about you ? is there anything you are dreaming BIG about these days??

Friday, February 17, 2012

happy weekend. some things.

what are your plans for the weekend? i am so excited that jeff and i have decided that 'this is the weekend' we will begin to work on my office. it has been an empty room with just a desk for so long and i've been very anxious to make it my place of comfort to work in. so, very happily, i will be painting this weekend with jeff by my side. i love when we can work on projects together.

whatever your plans, i hope you have a happy weekend too! here are some things you might enjoy-

thinking one office wall should be painted like this
could you wear it?
dear photograph (love this!!)
diy simple spring throw 
another project for me

happy weekend!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine fiesta - the day after.

last night, we had a valentine fiesta for some of our closest friends. although, i really wish i had taken pictures, sadly i did  not.  however, i did take a few pictures this morning as i was cleaning up and taking down decorations-
we served fruity sangria and coronas with limes. i made salsa in my molcajete (a tool that i love). for dinner we set up a taco bar with choices of shrimp, fish and carne asada. and also served spanish rice and tamales with portabellas and polenta. dessert included- chocolate pots de creme, creme brulee and cookies. and we sent the couples home with large boxes of candy hot tamales as a thank you for all the sweetness and spice they have added to our lives.

it was truly a fun, fun night with a whole lot of laughing.  and, it was the perfect celebration for the friends that we love.

post valentine's day.

i love valentine's day. it seems like such a happy day and a great reason to let those know that you either love or really like them. over the weekend, we completed all of our valentines for classmates and teachers. and yesterday, slade and elle went to school with these valentines in hand-
the tag for the u rock valentine is printable here. we found the packs of pop rocks at our local drugstore. and, this year elle wanted to make the same valentine we made for sia last year. it is such a cute idea and so simple to make.
and my poor sia- she missed her valentine party and handing out valentines to her class as she was at home sick. but, we made these sippy valentines to give to all her preschool friends. and, all of the teachers received these chocolate coin valentines.
i hope that you had a very sweet and happy valentines day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

happy weekend. some things.

 do you have anything fun and exciting planned for the weekend? our weekend plans include making valentines for classmates and teachers, baking for the preschool bake sale and getting ready for a valentine's day dinner party we are hosting. so, although i plan on being at home most of the weekend, i will be busy crafting, cooking and baking.  exactly my kind of weekend!

whatever your plans, i hope your weekend is fun and exciting. here are some things you might enjoy too-

heart attack.
loved this post about twenty minutes.
best diy projects this week
a rainbow of hearts. 

have a happy weekend!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

storybook day.

every year our preschool celebrates storybook day and asks that the children dress up as their favorite character. at the moment, sia's favorite book is lilly's purple plastic purse by kevin henkes. 
the story is about a little mouse named lilly. lilly loves everything about school, especially her cool teacher. But when lilly brings her purple purse to school and cannot wait til sharing time, her teacher confiscates it!  lilly's fury leads to revenge, then remorse and she sets out to make amends.

it is such a cute story about apologizing and resolving a conflict and sia absolutely loves it. so, this year, sia chose to be lilly.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

inspired: homemade snickers.

i am seriously making these homemade snicker bars one day soon. maybe even for jeff for valentines day.  just in case you are tempted like me, the recipe and how-to can be found here.

{image via how sweet it is}

Friday, February 3, 2012

friday, the weekend & some things.

it's friday again. whoo hoo! and the weekend is here. what are your plans? my in-laws arrived yesterday and they're staying through the weekend. so, we'll be spending lots of family time together at home. i am pretty sure i will be making four pizzas tonight and i'd like to do some baking this weekend too. 

whatever your plans, i hope you have a great weekend. and since valentine's day will be here before we know it, here are some valentine-y things you might enjoy too-

create valentine dishes with edible paint (i'm so doing this!)
and no bake sweet mini-cakes
10 candy-free valentines to give
gifts and gadgets to give your valentine 
what state are you paired with?

happy weekend!