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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

post valentine's day.

i love valentine's day. it seems like such a happy day and a great reason to let those know that you either love or really like them. over the weekend, we completed all of our valentines for classmates and teachers. and yesterday, slade and elle went to school with these valentines in hand-
the tag for the u rock valentine is printable here. we found the packs of pop rocks at our local drugstore. and, this year elle wanted to make the same valentine we made for sia last year. it is such a cute idea and so simple to make.
and my poor sia- she missed her valentine party and handing out valentines to her class as she was at home sick. but, we made these sippy valentines to give to all her preschool friends. and, all of the teachers received these chocolate coin valentines.
i hope that you had a very sweet and happy valentines day.

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