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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bento box lunches.

tomorrow marks the very first day of school for us. and, as my children are extremely excited with anticipation of their first day back, i am keeping myself busy prepping and packing lunches. i have found some inspiration here at another lunch and at bentobloggy.

i have one very picky eater heading off to kindergarten this year and i'm trying to find ways to make lunch fun, while hoping she'll try some new things. i love the idea of packing bento box lunches.

{images via another lunch}

Saturday, July 28, 2012

happy weekend.

do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

this is our last weekend before school starts. so, i think we will savor some pool time. this evening, we have plans for a fun get together with our neighborhood friends. our next meet up will be at the bus stop on wednesday!

i am in love with the idea of having a little cottage in my own backyard

build a picnic table with a built-in cooler

super long candles for your next celebration

add some sparkle to little girl sneakers
vintage olympic tees 

a bushel basket lantern ( i think i could make one?)

hope you have a really fun weekend!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

numbered chairs.

inspired by my love for typography, a few months ago i decided to update our dining room chairs with a little number typography.  the whole process only took me a little more than an hour.  it really was a quick update! and i am loving the way that they turned out.

what do you think? 
would you ever paint on the seat of your dining room chairs?

Monday, July 23, 2012

washing the car.

taking a break from a day at the pool, my children were very excited when i suggested that they wash my car.  as for them, it didn't seem like work at all, but a good reason to make lots of bubbles in our driveway and a really good chance to use the hose to spray one another.

or, as it ended up, slade taking great pleasure in spraying his sisters every chance he had.


but, in the end, they all worked very hard, my car was very clean, and they had lots of fun!  it was a great day!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

the weekend.


what are you doing this weekend? now that we are settled back in at home from some time away, i am ready to start thinking about heading back to school. my kids go back in just a week and a half. and so, i'd like to spend some time this weekend stocking up on needed school supplies and putting together some back to school outfits. i really don't want the summer to end whatsoever. but, i think my children are anxious and ready to get back. even as i type this i can hear them all playing school together. slade being the teacher and the girls are teenage students. that makes me smile.

whatever your plans are for the weekend, i hope you have a good one. here are some things i have seen recently that i thought i would share with you-

love online shopping here for my girls
cookie dough treats for the kids
love, love, love ikea's new rustic collection
sweet bridesmaid gift
create lighting from recycled whisks

happy weekend!!

{cute girls' outfits, via garnet hill}

Thursday, July 19, 2012


we don't see them often enough, but it's always so much fun to get together with cousins for a day of fun at the annual family picnic.  thanks mom & dad for a great day by the pool celebrating the fourth of july and family!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the jersey shore.

we just returned home from our annual summer visit to new jersey and spending some of our days by the shore. it is definitely a place i love and a time i look forward to every year. although i have lived many places in my life, somehow the jersey shore always feels like home. and i couldn't be happier to share time together there as a family.
the evening hours, when mostly everyone has gone home for the day are definitely the best
 slade sporting a summer mohawk and relaxing with jeff while the girls enjoy treats from the ice cream man- chipwiches, screwballs and choco tacos are their favorites.
countless hours spent digging holes and building sand castles
until next year, i will so miss these simple days of summertime that i love so much and bring me joy. 
 we'll see you again next year!!!!!