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Monday, May 27, 2013

happy memorial day + some things.

i hope that all of you are enjoying a long memorial day weekend. our is very low key. baking festive treats. spending some family time poolside. eating outdoors and making s'mores. whatever your plans are today, i hope it's a good one.

and please remember the men and women who have faught for our country and made it the place it is today.

here are some things i've seen that i thought you might enjoy too.

popsicles for grownups. yum.
confetti cookies.
a cute printed tote diy.
loving summer denim right now.
and some summer necessities.

happy memorial day.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

yay, for a summer break.

today marks the official first day of summer break. yesterday i was a little somber as the school year came to an end. sad to be leaving the teachers we have come to love over the year.  however, today i woke up excited for what i hope the summer will bring. and now the planning of our summer break will begin. 

i hung my traditional happy summer banner across the front door yesterday just before the bus arrived for the last time. here, here and here are banners from years past. it's a tradition that began when slade first started kindergarten. and now he's headed to fourth grade!

how about you? do you have any last day of school or first day of summer break traditions?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the last day.

i sent them off for their last day of school this morning. today, it made me proud to watch them go. this year, more than ever, i think they have grown tremendously. and as they walked across the street and got on the bus, they seemed as if they had grown years since that the very first day last august. they are not so little anymore.  and although there is a part of me that is so sad seeing my babies growing up, i have this strong sense of gratitude and love for who they are becoming.

it hit me more than ever on mother's day. they gave me cards and stories in their own words. they were so grown up, telling me to find beauty in the day, and to shine and be proud. and elle even wrote "i love you so much i want to cry." at that moment i realized, how grown up they really are and they totally get the unconditional love between mother and child. they know that this bond will never diminish wherever life takes us. they know that i love being a mother and i take so much pleasure in being at home with them. i love watching them as they cross the street to get on the school bus each morning and anxiously wait for them as they get off later in the day.

and so, as i watched them get on the bus for the very last day of this school year. i am very proud and full of gratitude as they have grown and excelled during yet another school year.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the sirens.

did i ever mention how much i dislike the sirens? the awfully loud tornado sirens that blare behind our house when a tornado may be near. at the very moment, they are blaring. it sends a chill through me and puts an empty pit in my stomach. i have now moved myself down to the safety of our basement trying not to think about my children who are at school right now. they are nervously taking cover too. it's during times when i'd like nothing more than to hold them tight and have them by my side.

Friday, January 25, 2013

happy friday.

happy friday! i can hardly believe school was cancelled today due to inclement weather. what?? there is not a snowflake or a drop of freezing rain in the air. it's really crazy to say the least. but, i am enjoying letting my children sleep in this morning and i will really surprise them when they wake up and find out there is no school today. now only if there were some snow then we'd really have some fun! i will keep wishing!!

so, whatever your plans are this weekend, i hope you have a good one. we'll be at home today, starting our weekend off early and enjoying the unexpected day off from school!

it's the perfect weekend to make these biscottis and a latte
funny valentine for kids
diy pendant lighting 
a braid bar craft night
cute friendship bracelet tattoos

happy, happy weekend!! i am glad it's here early! 

{image via here}

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

lunch at home.

today, i am enjoying one of my lunchtime favorites here at home. fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil on focaccia with a touch of balsamic vinegar, olive oil & sea salt. yum. so simple but so good.

p.s. here's another one of my favorite sandwiches to make at home.

Monday, January 7, 2013

back again.

new year. new week. new day. and this morning, my kids are back at school again. and, i'm back working on my blog again. i know i've been away for too long.  it really seems strange that our house is so quiet. and it's just me again. i have so enjoyed the past few weeks having my kids at home, and no schedules to follow. and having family come and go. i have always loved all the joyfulness and busyness that christmas and the new year seem to bring.

so, today i am saying hello to getting back again. back to some sort of structure again. and back to being organized in my days. it's been too long. it's time to get back to completing projects that have gone undone and accomplishing new things. and back to doing the things i enjoy each day. i really do have lots of ideas and good intentions for the new year.

i'm happy i'm back again. i hope you are too.

{image via pinterest, here}

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

happy new year.

2012 was busy, yet joyful.
and now, i'm looking forward to a brand new year. 
a year of new beginnings. a fresh new start.
i think it's going to be a wonderful 2013. 
hope yours is too.

happy new year!