simple happiness everyday.

Monday, January 7, 2013

back again.

new year. new week. new day. and this morning, my kids are back at school again. and, i'm back working on my blog again. i know i've been away for too long.  it really seems strange that our house is so quiet. and it's just me again. i have so enjoyed the past few weeks having my kids at home, and no schedules to follow. and having family come and go. i have always loved all the joyfulness and busyness that christmas and the new year seem to bring.

so, today i am saying hello to getting back again. back to some sort of structure again. and back to being organized in my days. it's been too long. it's time to get back to completing projects that have gone undone and accomplishing new things. and back to doing the things i enjoy each day. i really do have lots of ideas and good intentions for the new year.

i'm happy i'm back again. i hope you are too.

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