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Friday, October 29, 2010

happy friday + halloween + some things.

it's friday. i'm happy. i'm looking forward to a fun family weekend. tonight we are having pizzas, pumpkin carving and decorating sugar shortbread cookies. cooler weather has settled in and it's feeling like halloween. i know my children are very anxious to put on their costumes and start trick-or-treating!

i you hope have a very happy halloween weekend and perhaps you'll enjoy some of these things-

ultra-creative halloween cocktails

pomegranate mimosa cupcakes

i'd like some glitter for my cupcakes too

bite-size pumpkin pie... yum!

or pumpkin and chocolate chips

and, a great idea to get rid of all that candy after halloween night

i'll share pictures of my little trick-or-treaters when i see you back here on monday.
above is a picture of elle last halloween. she was a beautiful butterfly!!

hope you have a happy halloween weekend!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

halloween time.

it is seriously feeling like halloween around here. i've been busy in the kitchen making pumpkin spice bread, sweet scarecrow cookies and even a double batch of pumpkin spice play dough. it's the same play dough recipe i talked about here. tonight, i am finishing up one last halloween costume so that we can spend tomorrow evening carving our pumpkins!

p.s. - my little sia dressed up as olivia the pig from the ian falconer books for her preschool party
today... i just love the ears!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

thanksgiving garland.

i know my family is just starting to get excited for halloween, but i had to share this wonderfully crafty thanksgiving garland i found. the tutorial was posted today on marta writes.

tiffany bird of simply modern mom shared her idea of how to count down the days until thanksgiving with meaningful blessings from her family. i truly love, love, love this idea. i hope to do it this year with my family.... which means i need to have it ready by november 1st.

i guess, i better start crafting!! (that is, after i finish making just one more halloween costume!)

photos via martawrites

Monday, October 25, 2010

camping party.

we celebrated slade's seventh birthday with a camping themed party right in our own backyard. as the boys arrived, a sign instructed them to "check-in" and grab their camp pack.

the packs contained a flashlight and compass, which were used to play some of the games. the color of their bandana designated teams and had to be worn by the campers at all times.

the "camp rules" were posted along the path to the campsite.

a campground wouldn't be complete without a firepit to sit around.
(which was a favorite spot for the adults)

signs were also posted to direct campers to
the campsite, hiking trails and toilets.

sweets included: buckets filled with gummy frogs,
candy fishes and chocolate pebbles.

and of course, we roasted marshmallows and
made s'mores once it became dark.

finally, after singing happy birthday, campfire cupcakes
were served along with marshmallow ghosts.

happy birthday slade!!