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Friday, October 29, 2010

happy friday + halloween + some things.

it's friday. i'm happy. i'm looking forward to a fun family weekend. tonight we are having pizzas, pumpkin carving and decorating sugar shortbread cookies. cooler weather has settled in and it's feeling like halloween. i know my children are very anxious to put on their costumes and start trick-or-treating!

i you hope have a very happy halloween weekend and perhaps you'll enjoy some of these things-

ultra-creative halloween cocktails

pomegranate mimosa cupcakes

i'd like some glitter for my cupcakes too

bite-size pumpkin pie... yum!

or pumpkin and chocolate chips

and, a great idea to get rid of all that candy after halloween night

i'll share pictures of my little trick-or-treaters when i see you back here on monday.
above is a picture of elle last halloween. she was a beautiful butterfly!!

hope you have a happy halloween weekend!!

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