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Friday, July 29, 2011

friday + the last weekend.

it's friday. it is our last weekend of summer break before the new school year begins on monday. really. it is so hard to believe we will be back at the bus stop early monday morning. we've already met the teachers and turned in all of our school supplies. and now, we have one last weekend to celebrate summer, relax and enjoy!

do you know how to introduce someone properly?
ten summer looks for hair like mine
a stunning vintage
english garden wedding
pencil stamp activity to keep my youngest busy
how many candy bars can you identify?
cookies and cream cupcakes for my oreo lovers
summery cupcake stands to make

have a happy friday! and a happy weekend too!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

apples + peanut butter.

finally. this afternoon, i convinced all three children to eat one of my favorite sandwiches for lunch- a peanut butter and apple sandwich on cinnamon-raisin bread. i like mine with prunes and a sprinkle of cinnamon too. i just haven't convinced them about the prunes yet! i ate so many of these sandwiches when i was pregnant with slade and it is still a very favorite of mine.

{image via pepperidge farm}

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my elle belle.

this past monday morning, i had the chance to spend some alone time with my sweet elle belle. it's not often that i have the opportunity to be with just one of my children. it's very rare and perhaps, i should make certain it happens more often. i love the one on one time.

my little girl elle has such an inquisitive mind and wants to know everything. i love that she asks questions. she loves to sing and dress up and pretend she's on stage, even if it's just our fireplace hearth. she loves to set up an office in her bedroom and pretend she's at school or at work. she loves to be the boss. or the mom. or the teacher. she is very precise and particular about everything. she's a girlie-girl and loves to wear dresses and skirts all of the time. and wishes she could wear high heels.
she will pick pasta over any other type of food and loves iced coffee for a treat. recently she has found a love for riding her bike and painting with watercolors.

while we were in new jersey this summer, my little elle belle turned six years old. not only is she very proud of the fact that she is now six, there are many things that happened this summer that she is also very proud of... she got her ears pierced ... she daringly jumped off the diving board... she went fishing with her poppop, put a worm on the hook and even caught the first fish... she ate a mcdonald's hamburger (yes... it was a first!)...and, she saved a baby bunny from the swimming pool.

i love my little elle belle so much. i am so, so proud of her. and, i truly loved the alone time we had together.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

happy saturday + the weekend.

happy saturday. are you enjoying the weekend? i settled back into home late last night, woke up early this morning and began baking a variety of banana bread. an entire bunch of bananas became overripe while i was away and it was enough for me to bake six loaves! needless to say, i was very happy to be back in my kitchen with all three of my children helping to crack eggs and measuring and sifting ingredients.

i hope you enjoy whatever you have planned for the weekend. here are some things you might like too-

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happy saturday + happy weekend.

{image via jane&spot}

Friday, July 22, 2011

heading home.

in just a few hours i will be on a flight heading back home... boy, do i miss my kids! although we have been talking via skype, i can't wait to hug them all. but now, i have to say goodbye. i will be missing my sweet husband once again. these past few days have been wonderful. side by side we have relaxed and savored every quiet minute together.

now, i am heading home to enjoy the last week of the summer break f
rom school. yes, it's hard to believe, but my kids go back to school in just a week from this monday. the summer has gone by entirely too fast for us!

these pictures were taken during our vacation by the jersey shore. one evening as we walked home from dinner, we came upon an old church with a labyrinth. this man-made maze was formed from white oyster shells. slade, elle and sia excitedly raced to see who could make it to the center the quickest.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

without children.

sometime during the middle of last week, i made a quick decision to book a flight to visit my husband in oklahoma. all weekend long i was very excited knowing i would be seeing the man i am completely in love with sooner than we both anticipated. and so, here i am. i arrived today. we'll be spending four days together. and... without children too.

this is the first time, i've ever packed and traveled without children in more than seven years. the first time i have been without children for more than just an evening. a part of me is already missing them so very much. i feel so far away. and it feels very strange. several times today, i've held back tears.

yet, i am loving that jeff and i have some time for just us- without children. it seems like its been forever of just being together. just the two of us. and today feels like the days when we first met. when we lived miles apart and fell in love. the excitement and anticipation of the next time we'd be together again. i am so looking forward the next few days of just being together.

{oklahoma wired landscape photograph/wall decal via kieshajean at etsy}

Saturday, July 16, 2011

enjoy the weekend.

okay, so i know... it's been more than two weeks since i have written or posted anything at all. however, two and a half weeks ago we returned home from n.j. and found that our refrigerator had been hit by lightning during a storm. luckily, it was the only thing damaged in our home, however, it prompted me to begin looking for and purchasing new kitchen appliances. totally not what i had planned on doing this summer, but a new refrigerator was a necessity.

as i waited for our new appliances to be delivered, i also decided i'd like to
strip my kitchen cabinets and re-paint them too. although, it has been quite a process during these past two weeks, i am very happy i dedicated myself to the job. i have just a small section to finish this weekend and i will totally done with my mini-kitchen-makeover.

and so, tonight i took a break from painting cabinets to make pizzas and enjoy some time with my girls. they both had fun taking turns snapping pictures of me as i was taking pizzas
out of the oven. it was a great beginning to our weekend.

whatever your plans, i hope you'll have a happy weekend too. i'll share pictures next week of our newly refurbished kitchen! in the meantime, here are some things you might enjoy too-

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have a great weekend!!