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Saturday, July 16, 2011

enjoy the weekend.

okay, so i know... it's been more than two weeks since i have written or posted anything at all. however, two and a half weeks ago we returned home from n.j. and found that our refrigerator had been hit by lightning during a storm. luckily, it was the only thing damaged in our home, however, it prompted me to begin looking for and purchasing new kitchen appliances. totally not what i had planned on doing this summer, but a new refrigerator was a necessity.

as i waited for our new appliances to be delivered, i also decided i'd like to
strip my kitchen cabinets and re-paint them too. although, it has been quite a process during these past two weeks, i am very happy i dedicated myself to the job. i have just a small section to finish this weekend and i will totally done with my mini-kitchen-makeover.

and so, tonight i took a break from painting cabinets to make pizzas and enjoy some time with my girls. they both had fun taking turns snapping pictures of me as i was taking pizzas
out of the oven. it was a great beginning to our weekend.

whatever your plans, i hope you'll have a happy weekend too. i'll share pictures next week of our newly refurbished kitchen! in the meantime, here are some things you might enjoy too-

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have a great weekend!!

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