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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my elle belle.

this past monday morning, i had the chance to spend some alone time with my sweet elle belle. it's not often that i have the opportunity to be with just one of my children. it's very rare and perhaps, i should make certain it happens more often. i love the one on one time.

my little girl elle has such an inquisitive mind and wants to know everything. i love that she asks questions. she loves to sing and dress up and pretend she's on stage, even if it's just our fireplace hearth. she loves to set up an office in her bedroom and pretend she's at school or at work. she loves to be the boss. or the mom. or the teacher. she is very precise and particular about everything. she's a girlie-girl and loves to wear dresses and skirts all of the time. and wishes she could wear high heels.
she will pick pasta over any other type of food and loves iced coffee for a treat. recently she has found a love for riding her bike and painting with watercolors.

while we were in new jersey this summer, my little elle belle turned six years old. not only is she very proud of the fact that she is now six, there are many things that happened this summer that she is also very proud of... she got her ears pierced ... she daringly jumped off the diving board... she went fishing with her poppop, put a worm on the hook and even caught the first fish... she ate a mcdonald's hamburger (yes... it was a first!)...and, she saved a baby bunny from the swimming pool.

i love my little elle belle so much. i am so, so proud of her. and, i truly loved the alone time we had together.

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