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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

without children.

sometime during the middle of last week, i made a quick decision to book a flight to visit my husband in oklahoma. all weekend long i was very excited knowing i would be seeing the man i am completely in love with sooner than we both anticipated. and so, here i am. i arrived today. we'll be spending four days together. and... without children too.

this is the first time, i've ever packed and traveled without children in more than seven years. the first time i have been without children for more than just an evening. a part of me is already missing them so very much. i feel so far away. and it feels very strange. several times today, i've held back tears.

yet, i am loving that jeff and i have some time for just us- without children. it seems like its been forever of just being together. just the two of us. and today feels like the days when we first met. when we lived miles apart and fell in love. the excitement and anticipation of the next time we'd be together again. i am so looking forward the next few days of just being together.

{oklahoma wired landscape photograph/wall decal via kieshajean at etsy}

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