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Friday, April 29, 2011

happy weekend + some things.

what are you weekend plans? besides one baseball game early saturday morning, we have no definite plans... yay!! i think i'd like to sneak away to do a little thrifting and perhaps have some fun with the kids washing our car and enjoying a picnic lunch. the weather is suppose to be beautiful! whatever your weekend entails, i hope your weekend is fabulous!

i can hardly believe sunday will be the first of may! here are some things i've seen you might enjoy too-

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happy weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

new day.

{print available at hellohalo}

i'm very happy it's a new day.

the sound of tornado sirens raced through my head all night long. even when they weren't going off i felt like i still heard them. the warnings make me so nervous. thankfully though, my girls slept peacefully. they didn't even realize i had carried them down into the basement to take cover. they slept through it all. slade woke up and was my sidekick on the couch all night. i didn't even mind that he was awake, i was just happy to have him by my side. we had the television on and watched the radar as one storm after another hit north and south of us. luckily and very thankfully, we were missed.

i was happy to see the sun shining and to hear the birds chirping this morning. yet, there is an after the storm stillness in the air and i'm still feeling a little shaken, especially seeing the devastating path of destruction left. storms, tornadoes and sirens are not my favorite. i'm very, very happy it's a new day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


hello tuesday. it's hard to believe easter came and went. last week went by so quickly. it usually does when life is so good. my days were entirely filled with happiness and contentment. the five of us were together again as a family should be. it was wonderful having my husband back at home for a few days. last week, i truly had intended on sharing all the easter treats, crafts and decorating i had been working on. however, i submerged myself into togetherness and didn't want to pull away for any time at all. i love when we can all be together. the simple things seem to be so much important and meaningful lately. i don't think i will ever take for granted the time we have just to be together as a family.

i am truly thankful and very blessed.
i hope your easter was just as joyful and happy too.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

happy saturday.

{image via walnut studiolo}

i'm happy it's saturday. we are spending the weekend with my twin sister lisa, who came to visit us from new jersey. my kids absolutely adore her. she's single and fun and lets them do things mom usually does not. last night they stayed up watching old episodes of punky brewster!

today we'll be spending our afternoon at the ballpark and on the way home, we'll be stopping to have dinner at our favorite mexican joint. here's some things i've seen that you might like too-

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and, i want to make this
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a bike ride with beer

i have love for turquoise

have a happy saturday and weekend too!! i'll see you next week!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

homemade peeps.

{photo by nina callaway}

i'm gushing with ideas and things i want to do for easter. last week i came across a recipe for homemade peeps. my kids would absolutely love making these sugary sweet marshmallow treats. as soon as they see the bright colored packages of peeps in stores, they are pleading for me to buy them. most definitely, i will add this to my list of easter things to do!

p.s. - this year as a little easter treat, we will be giving all the teachers peeps
with this cute topper attached.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

easter egg surprise.

i have been busily working on a few projects lately, yet i have so many easter ideas whirling inside my head that i would like to get started on. however, there is one idea that i just can't get out of my mind: surprise message eggs. it's at the top of my list as things i'd like to try.

if jeff was not able to come home for the easter this year, i would most definitely send him an egg or two with a sweet message inside. they seem re
ally easy to make and so much fun to send. you can see the full photo tutorial here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the weekend + some things.

it's the weekend!! after a week away and a long ride in the car yesterday, we finally pulled into our driveway last night. we'll be spending the weekend settling back in at home and getting organized for the week ahead. however, i'm feeling quite rested, rejuvenated and ready to make a big list of things to do. i was very happy to wake up early this morning only to be back in my kitchen making cinnamon rolls, which by the way, smell amazing! isn't it wonderful to come home again after being away for any time at all?

whatever your plans are, i hope your weekend is wonderful. here are some things you might enjoy too...

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i want to make these giant paper flowers

and bake these italian easter breads

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happy weekend!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

spring break.

excuse my lack in posting... again! however, last friday, i decided to pack up the kids and head down south to santa rosa beach. the kids are on spring break this week and i thought we could use some care-free days playing in the surf and sand. i've been craving the beach lately as i do whenever the weather starts to warm up. i just couldn't hold out until summer.

and, i didn't think my children would mind spending their break from school jumping waves, digging giant holes in the sugar-white sand...

building sand castles, enjoying picnic lunches and searching for treasures along the shore....

luckily, the weather so far has been sunny and beautiful. this is definitely the break i needed from our life back at home.

Friday, April 1, 2011

happy april fool's day.

have you been fooled yet today? slade has anxiously been awaiting for april 1st to arrive, so i am sure my little jokester will try to fool me with a prank or two this afternoon. hopefully, he won't try any pranks in school today!! (i can only hope.) however, i really intended on packing him a gag lunch today, but i just didn't get it together in time. he would've really been fooled. there are so many ideas here if you'd like have some fun today!

{image via family fun}