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Saturday, April 16, 2011

happy saturday.

{image via walnut studiolo}

i'm happy it's saturday. we are spending the weekend with my twin sister lisa, who came to visit us from new jersey. my kids absolutely adore her. she's single and fun and lets them do things mom usually does not. last night they stayed up watching old episodes of punky brewster!

today we'll be spending our afternoon at the ballpark and on the way home, we'll be stopping to have dinner at our favorite mexican joint. here's some things i've seen that you might like too-

can't wait for my first issue
of this (and it's free)

idea of color for women versus men

rainbow garland for just a dollar

and, i want to make this
pom pom garland

pancakes for mother's day


a bike ride with beer

i have love for turquoise

have a happy saturday and weekend too!! i'll see you next week!!

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  1. I was thinking I have to get me one of those bike beer carry things... do you think you can get pulled over for having one of those...