simple happiness everyday.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

thirty-nine years today.

happy, happy birthday to my twin sister lisa!
can you believe we are thirty-nine years today??

you are amazing!!
and i couldn't imagine life without you always by my side.

do you remember when??

we got these very cool boots for our 6th birthday!
you were always quicker at opening gifts than me
just as the picture shows!

have an awesome day.
happy birthday lisa.
i love you lots!!!


  1. Oh I remember that day and every birthday like it was yesterday... I never did let you be surprised with your gifts because I was always the first to open... so so sorry I didn't see this until now... I normally look at your blog at least 2 times a day... because it normally brings me so much joy... I am so proud to be your twin and the aunt to your wonderful children... so funny cause we really are one... so many people wished me well on facebook and included you as well! I hope you had a great day and I am counting the days to be in GA with you all!

  2. LJ and Lisa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lori Jo, I love the blog! Jeff gave me the URL this past weekend when Zeb and I were visiting in GA and I check it daily. So sorry I missed seeing you and the kids. I hope you have had a wonderful day surrounded by those who love you! Felicidades! Much love from Chicago!