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Monday, November 22, 2010

it's monday again.

photo by honeyandjam found here

i hope you had a great week (and weekend too). i didn't mean to ignore you for a whole week, and honestly cannot believe a week has already gone by. wow!!

last week, i was consumed with several thanksgiving crafts and treats, a special holiday project and one sick little boy.
but, i am here now and it's monday again. my children have the entire week off from school and i am thankful to have to have them at home as we prepare and celebrate thanksgiving. i am really looking forward to the week ahead. i am hoping to make it a week i am conscious of the thankfulness and gratitude in my heart. also this week, i plan on slowing myself down a bit and taking the time to enjoy the simplest moments with my family. too often, i find myself busily going through each day.

and so, this morning the kids and i are headed to the airport to pick up my mom. i am thankful she is able to share and celebrate thanksgiving with us this year. i am thankful she will be here to help with the many thanksgiving preparations. i am thankful for the excitement in my chidren's eyes knowing grandma is coming to stay. and, i am thankful for family living miles apart coming together to celebrate gratitude.

happy monday. what are you thankful for today?

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