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Thursday, November 4, 2010

ambitious + banana bread

photo via martha stewart

i'm thankful for my husband. he always takes it upon himself to complete a task when he sees one that needs to be done. for instance, last night, he was either tired of looking at the ripening bananas sitting on the counter for days or he knew i really have been wanting and meaning to make banana bread for days but i really just have not had the time.

so, while I was on the phone
and working on the computer last night... he asked for my banana bread recipe (minus nuts) and the next thing i knew he was beating eggs and mixing flour and smashing bananas and adding vanilla and finally pouring sweet banana batter into three small loaf pans.

task complete. just like that. one i've been wanting to do for days now.... i'm so thankful for my husband and his ambitious nature. and, my children and i were all very happy to have dad's banana bread for breakfast this morning.

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