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Friday, November 5, 2010

warm & cozy + some things.

what are your weekend plans?

we plan on staying warm and cozy this weekend since the temperature has been really dropping here. the girls and i will definitely be holding warm cups of hot cocoa at slade's baseball game tomorrow. it's gonna be chilly! i am loving that we have to bundle up again. i've missed my sweaters and boots!

so, whatever your plans are, i hope you stay warm and cozy too. and perhaps you'll enjoy some of these things-

how we make our hot cocoa in our home

vintage finds at fossil

and, i've never been but would like to go to the duce

a do it yourself leather belt rug--very cool!

a thanksgiving turkey for the kids table

cute softie pillows, my girls would love

funny (i think)

a new lifestyle print magazine... anthology

enjoy your weekend... see you back here on monday!!

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