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Thursday, April 28, 2011

new day.

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i'm very happy it's a new day.

the sound of tornado sirens raced through my head all night long. even when they weren't going off i felt like i still heard them. the warnings make me so nervous. thankfully though, my girls slept peacefully. they didn't even realize i had carried them down into the basement to take cover. they slept through it all. slade woke up and was my sidekick on the couch all night. i didn't even mind that he was awake, i was just happy to have him by my side. we had the television on and watched the radar as one storm after another hit north and south of us. luckily and very thankfully, we were missed.

i was happy to see the sun shining and to hear the birds chirping this morning. yet, there is an after the storm stillness in the air and i'm still feeling a little shaken, especially seeing the devastating path of destruction left. storms, tornadoes and sirens are not my favorite. i'm very, very happy it's a new day.

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