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Friday, July 22, 2011

heading home.

in just a few hours i will be on a flight heading back home... boy, do i miss my kids! although we have been talking via skype, i can't wait to hug them all. but now, i have to say goodbye. i will be missing my sweet husband once again. these past few days have been wonderful. side by side we have relaxed and savored every quiet minute together.

now, i am heading home to enjoy the last week of the summer break f
rom school. yes, it's hard to believe, but my kids go back to school in just a week from this monday. the summer has gone by entirely too fast for us!

these pictures were taken during our vacation by the jersey shore. one evening as we walked home from dinner, we came upon an old church with a labyrinth. this man-made maze was formed from white oyster shells. slade, elle and sia excitedly raced to see who could make it to the center the quickest.

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