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Friday, October 8, 2010

the weekend + some things.

it's friday.
what are you plans for the next few days?

our weekend will be much of the same as last week- pizza night tonight, baseball games, a birthday party and hopefully some family time spent in our backyard around the fire pit and a date with my wonderful husband.

i am loving the fall weather that has finally come our way. it inspires me to start baking. i love filling our home with aromas of sweetness and spice. i am seriously considering baking these and these this weekend, or maybe this cake. all so tempting!

whatever your plans are, i hope you too enjoy all the goodness of fall. and perhaps, you'll enjoy some of these things too-

a teen's photos of lovely things (like the one above)

saw these state food prints, wonder what n.j. or ga. would look like?

welcome true- baby happiness!

sweetest feather bracelet

parisian tea towels

what to do with grandma bling

still heart these pumpkins- i'd like some

hope you have a happy weekend. happy fall!

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