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Saturday, October 23, 2010

happy weekend.

okay... so, it's saturday at 8:30pm and i am just getting around to wishing you a happy weekend. my in-laws had been visiting all week and left early this morning. needless to say, it was a wonderful week and definitely had our home buzzing with happiness.

after a busy week, it ended with a baseball game last night and then pizzas at home. i made four pizzas this week! slade had another baseball game this afternoon, which was after the annual fall festival at the school.

so, right now our home is quiet again. and i am relaxing. (for now, that is. we are expecting visitors again on monday!)

i hope you have a happy weekend and hope you'll enjoy some of these things.

commission a painting for just $200

create your own chocolate bar

yum... love the idea of these cocktails

pumpkin patent leather (really like these!)

fur ball & string monster cupcakes

and, an amazing halloween sweets table


  1. i am so running out of cooking ideas for the week- i love the idea of a homemade pizza. and thanks to you, it's happening here later this week!

  2. Kerri- so happy you'll be making pizza this week!! Friday night pizza has become such a favorite family ritual of ours. This week, I will make one of my fall favorites... pumpkin & sage!