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Friday, January 25, 2013

happy friday.

happy friday! i can hardly believe school was cancelled today due to inclement weather. what?? there is not a snowflake or a drop of freezing rain in the air. it's really crazy to say the least. but, i am enjoying letting my children sleep in this morning and i will really surprise them when they wake up and find out there is no school today. now only if there were some snow then we'd really have some fun! i will keep wishing!!

so, whatever your plans are this weekend, i hope you have a good one. we'll be at home today, starting our weekend off early and enjoying the unexpected day off from school!

it's the perfect weekend to make these biscottis and a latte
funny valentine for kids
diy pendant lighting 
a braid bar craft night
cute friendship bracelet tattoos

happy, happy weekend!! i am glad it's here early! 

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