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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

last day of school = summer.

i mentioned on friday that school was officially out for the summer. and while slade and elle were attending their very last day, sia and i were painting a banner to welcome them home and to celebrate the occasion.

how do you celebrate the ending of the school year
? we also had popsicles waiting for them and celebrated into the evening with homemade pizzas, ice cream sandwiches and gifts from grandma.

although, elle was not very happy as she got off the school bus. she ran towards me with tears in her eyes and began to cry as she wrapped her arms around me. she was already missing her teacher, classmates and school. she had a hard time saying goodbye. it had been such a wonderful year for her and i am so happy for that, however, it absolutely broke my heart to see my little kindergartener so sad on her last day of school. goodbyes are never easy, are they?

however, the sadness didn't last long. as we walked home from the bus stop and she saw the banner hanging on our front door, she began to smile. and today, she is very content being at home, swimming in the pool and enjoying the first days of the summer break.

i think it is going to be a very happy summer!!

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