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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

finding balance.

during the past couple of weeks, i feel as if i have somehow lost my sense of balance. so many balls have been thrown at me and i graciously have been trying to catch them all. i have hardly taken the time to do some of the things that i enjoy and inspire me. the things that give me balance and give me a sense of self.

when i started this blog, i did so to focus on the simple things that bring happiness to my world each day. the things that make me smile. things that bring me a great sense of gratification. inspiration. happiness. joy. i intended on focus
ing on all of those things each day. yet somehow, among the busyness of being a stay-at-home mom, i haven't found or made the time lately to even sit down and write a thing or two. i have dropped that ball. i haven't made time for me.

and so, as school is coming to an end this week, i finding my balance again. remembering me, making the time to do the things i enjoy and focusing on the simple joys of each day.

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