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Friday, July 20, 2012

the weekend.


what are you doing this weekend? now that we are settled back in at home from some time away, i am ready to start thinking about heading back to school. my kids go back in just a week and a half. and so, i'd like to spend some time this weekend stocking up on needed school supplies and putting together some back to school outfits. i really don't want the summer to end whatsoever. but, i think my children are anxious and ready to get back. even as i type this i can hear them all playing school together. slade being the teacher and the girls are teenage students. that makes me smile.

whatever your plans are for the weekend, i hope you have a good one. here are some things i have seen recently that i thought i would share with you-

love online shopping here for my girls
cookie dough treats for the kids
love, love, love ikea's new rustic collection
sweet bridesmaid gift
create lighting from recycled whisks

happy weekend!!

{cute girls' outfits, via garnet hill}

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