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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the jersey shore.

we just returned home from our annual summer visit to new jersey and spending some of our days by the shore. it is definitely a place i love and a time i look forward to every year. although i have lived many places in my life, somehow the jersey shore always feels like home. and i couldn't be happier to share time together there as a family.
the evening hours, when mostly everyone has gone home for the day are definitely the best
 slade sporting a summer mohawk and relaxing with jeff while the girls enjoy treats from the ice cream man- chipwiches, screwballs and choco tacos are their favorites.
countless hours spent digging holes and building sand castles
until next year, i will so miss these simple days of summertime that i love so much and bring me joy. 
 we'll see you again next year!!!!!

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