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Thursday, February 10, 2011

valentines delivered.

since sia will not be in school on valentines day, she proudly delivered valentines to her preschool class today. i really love the way they turned out. i saw this genius idea last year and sia gladly obliged when she knew that all of her friends would get a big lollipop.

she delivered valentines to each of her teachers too. i love quirky little sayings for valentine's day, don't you?

and, here's the gift i put together to give the teachers from the entire preschool class-- a small plant, blooming with hearts. inside the cards are reasons why each student loves their teacher. some of the answers were just so, so sweet. others were completely silly! i loved hearing what all of the children had to say.

thankfully, i now have the whole weekend to work on slade and elle's valentines and treats for their classes. i am loving that valentines day falls on a monday this year!

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