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Friday, February 18, 2011

happy friday.

i am so glad it's friday, especially since my children are off from school all of next week. although, i would've enjoyed taking a family trip somewhere, i am happy we decided to just stay at home. i'm hoping to work on some home projects, including painting my office and getting it into order.

i've also asked each of my children to pick something fun they would like to do, perhaps something we've never seen or done before. i can't wait to hear their ideas.

i hope you have a happy friday and enjoy your weekend. here are some things i've seen that you might like too-

embellished to a
dress for me
love this
rainbow party
and more ideas
this i wanted to know
and, pick three (or more)

have a great weekend!
see back here on monday, hopefully with some ideas of how we are going to spend the week off from school!

{image via ballard designs}

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