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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a little note.

slade left this sweet little note for the tooth fairy over the weekend. i found it again today as i was making the beds. he wrote it because he lost his tooth. i mean really lost it. he came home from school last friday and exclaimed he had lost a tooth. what??? he lost a tooth? i was totally unaware he even had a loose tooth!

it was true. he lost his bottom left tooth during recess.
a ball had hit him right in the mouth. it literally knocked his tooth right out! despite an attempt to look for the it with his friends, the tooth couldn't be found... it was indeed lost.

and so, when he got home from school, he insisted on writing a little note to the tooth fairy just to let her know. he placed the note
under his pillow that night and very happily he received two shiny susan b. anthony dollars for his lost tooth.

i know i asked it almost a year ago when slade lost his first tooth, but just wondering... what is the going rate for a tooth these days?? seems like i received a quarter for each tooth many years ago!

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