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Monday, March 29, 2010

monday morning musings.

The weekend went by quickly. Partly sunny, partly cloudy. Not the Spring weather I had been anticipating. However we kept very busy preparing for our week ahead. So, this morning I am musing about the weekend and my to do's for the week. Here are just a few things:

Easter pictures taken. I had to bribe my kids by telling them we would get ice cream at Brusters afterwards. And we did. Now I must finish making our Easter cards.

A trip to IKEA. Finally bought a frame for the Bedtime Bus Roll poster. I will hang it this week.

A small Easter treat for all of the kids teachers are packaged and ready to go. You may see it here.

Slade lost his very first tooth and the tooth fairy came. How much is a tooth worth these days anyway?

I have 3 Easter egg hunts and 2 class parties to attend this week. Still working on the favors for Elle's class. I will post it soon.

We will dye Easter eggs on Thursday. This is my favorite technique.

I still have to plan the menu for our Friday pizza night get together with friends. However, I do know I will be making this cake.

And most importantly, my husband comes home in just 3 days... still counting and anxiously waiting!!

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