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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

when they are sick.

not feeling well, Slade & Sia sleeping side by side

My children have been sick lately... I've been nurturing and hugging more than ever and soaking in all of the love too. I'm reminding myself this won't last forever. It won't be forever that my children climb onto my lap and bury their heads into my heart for comfort. It won't be forever that I can sleep with them at night just to be assured that they are okay because I know they are right by my side. It won't be forever that I can hold them tightly in the doctor's office with each prick and prod. It won't be forever that it takes pleading and sometimes bribes to take their temperature or even a dose of medicine. I have been reminded of these simple moments these days. Reminded to take it all in and to always remember them.

So despite the cries and moans in their moments of illness, it won't be forever that they will need me in this way. However, it will be forever that I will always love and comfort them in any way that I possibly can. That is forever.

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