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Friday, March 12, 2010

fun things.

I can hardly believe the weekend is already here. Can you? What are your plans?

We will be home. Hopefully the sun will shine. It has been raining for days. However, rain or shine, my mind is full of projects to complete and new ones to begin. This afternoon, I began making lucky charms to give to all of the teachers for St. Patrick's Day. I will share them once they are completely done. I'd like to paint a table and the base of a lamp. I plan on baking chocolate sugar cookies (shaped like shamrocks) for the kids to decorate. And, I would also like to buy some fresh cut flowers for our home. All fun things for me to do.

Tonight... Slade, Elle and Sia wanted their own fun too. They asked if I would build them a tent to sleep in. So I did. Right in the middle of my bedroom floor. My children absolutely love forts and tents. I think that all kids do. And because I know they will ask me tomorrow, the tent will be a fixture in my bedroom all weekend long.

Hope you have a fun weekend!! (And, hopefully the sun will shine too)

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