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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just a thought.

i think i said
good-bye too many times this morning.

i thankfully hugged my sweet in-laws and said
good-bye as they got into their car and headed back home after visiting for a week.

with teary eyes, i kissed and hugged my husband
good-bye before he left home, boarded a plane and headed back to work.

at the bus stop, i waved
goodbye to slade and elle as their bus pulled away and headed off to school.

and lastly, i dropped sia off at preschool and with a smiley, "i love you"
good-bye she got out of the car and went with into the school with her teacher.

i am not really a fan of good-byes.
perhaps we should always say "see you soon!" maybe then, some good-byes would be a little easier.

{cute custom luggage tags found here. i like these and these too.}

1 comment:

  1. it's always been tough for us.... hang in there... I learned a quote from a movie recently and try to use it whenever I can....

    "see you soon, then!"

    ♥ you so much!