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Monday, October 17, 2011

happy monday & two weeks later!

so much has happened in two weeks!! i just took a big gasp of air when i sat down and realized it has been a whole two weeks since i've last been here!

so.... let me catch up you with the most exciting, best news ever for our family.... jeff came home a little more than a week ago and this time it is FOR GOOD!! can i just tell you, i am gushing with happiness! after 3 long years, his company has moved him back to a job here in atlanta. whoooo hoooo!! no more monthly weekend visits. no more goodbyes. no more missing my husband (and daddy) because he is more than 800 miles away. he is home and our family could not be any happier. and so, for the past week i have been absorbing the awesomeness of having my husband back at home. it's where i've been... indulging in being back together as a family! today, i think the reality that jeff is home for good has finally settled in and for that my monday is very, very happy!!  hope that you are having a happy monday too!!

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