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Monday, January 16, 2012


i know it's been some time a really long time since i've posted anything.. more than a month to be exact. it's not that i forgot any of you. seriously, i have thought so many times of so many things i wanted to share, but i never took time to actually sit down to write anything. and, then the holidays came and went and yet i still shared nothing at all. really, forgive me.

when i first started this blog, right here,  it was because i was feeling a bit consumed by my daily life as a stay-at-home mom while jeff went to work more than 800 miles away from home. honestly, i was missing him tremendously. it was hard for all of us. the situation was not ideal, but it was what was necessary at the time. and so, i decided to blog to fill some of that void. i thought it would give me a reason to take some time each day for "me". i really wanted to focus on everyday simple happiness and i also wanted to share the things that bring me joy. what i didn't realize is how much i would love blogging. and, how i would find a love for following other people's blogs too. for me, i truly felt connected. i came across so many amazingly creative people and i found an outlet where i could share what inspires me, while also being inspired.  awesome, i know. 

fast forward, a couple of years later. this happened. it was really, really great news. actually the most wonderful news in a very long time. finally we would be together as a family. the happiness was overwhelming. but i also knew that there would be some readjusting for each one of us too. and so, that's where i've been- readjusting. it use to be after the kids were in bed, my mom duties of the day were complete and the house was extremely quiet that i would spend time writing a post or catching up on my google reader.

but now, very happily i have my husband back at home and my alone blogging time is now the time i absolutely love spending with jeff. and, i guess the busyness of the holidays, the kids being out of school, throw in a back surgery (for jeff) and a family trip too that i just fell completely out of sync. really, i felt very unorganized in my days. although, a part of me wanted to pull away from it all and get back, i just never made the time.

and so, while i am sorry i missed out on sharing so much, i am so thankful our family is all under one roof again. christmas was a very special time for us and we happily went to new jersey to celebrate the new year. it's gonna be a great new year. i vow to be more organized this year and focus on the things that matter most to me.  so, thank you for being patient as i was readjusting over here. but, finally i am back. i am ready to share my everyday simple happiness and the things that inspire me. i hope you'll find some happiness and inspiration too!! happy new year!

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