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Thursday, May 24, 2012

celebrating, thank you's and goodbyes.

life has been anything but quiet and calm. i knew the month of may would prove to be busy and hectic. but, when i look back at what we have been doing lately, it's been a lot of celebrating, giving thanks and goodbyes.

during the first week of may, we showed teachers our appreciation with a whole week of thank you's and gifts. followed by preparation for slade's first holy communion, which occurred during mother's day weekend. we celebrated here at home with a big party of family and friends. we were very thankful that so many of our family members traveled to share such a special day with us. and lucky for us, timing proved perfect, as it allowed us to celebrate both of our mom's for mother's day and with all of our siblings and children too.

then came sia's preschool graduation and a week of end of the year festivities. for me,  it was a very emotional week. we said goodbye to a school that we have been a part of for seven years.  i can hardly believe my baby is all done with preschool, but so proud and happy of the little girl she is growing up to be.  she is so ready for kindergarten.

the baseball season also came to an end. slade is loving baseball these days and i love to see his passion and ambition for the sport. we celebrated last week with an end of the season team party and came home with an awesome trophy. and so, we said goodbye to a great team of boys and coaches.

and, then this week. it has been a week of elementary school award ceremonies, parties and saying thank you (and goodbyes) to all of the teachers we love. elle earned the young artist award and wrote an award winning autobiography. her sense of creativity makes me smile with joy and i couldn't be more proud. and slade earned an award for outstanding excellence. it brings me such happiness to see how much they enjoy school and strive to excel.

and so, during our very busy month of may, i am a very, very proud mother, who has much to celebrate. i have so much gratitude for the family, friends and people that surround our lives. and although we have said many goodbyes, memories of the people and places will never be forgotten but a part of us forever.

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