simple happiness everyday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

back to school.


this morning slade, elle and sia were all up very early getting ready to go off to school for their first day. i loved their excitement for another school year, as they were all beaming with bright smiles. especially sia, who is riding the school bus this year and going to kindergarten at the elementary school.

i truly tried to hold it all together. i tried to smile as much as i could. i tried not to be nervous. yet seeing all of my children leave me this morning, getting on a school bus (with no seat belts) and leaving home for an entire day was not easy. i know they will all do great and they will have a fantastic day. school is wonderful place to be. but truthfully and honestly, i am sad. they are all growing up so quickly and right before my eyes.

during the past few weeks, so many people have asked me, "what are you going to do now that all of your children are in school?" i do know what i am going to do- i will continue being a mom. the mom i always dreamed about as a little girl. the mom who loves her husband and children immensely. the mom who loves being at home taking care of her family. the mom who loves to bake and cook. the mom who doesn't mind cleaning and laundry and actually enjoys organizing drawers and closets. the mom who has a passion for creativity. the mom who enjoys volunteering at school. this is what i've always dreamed about- being a wife and a mother.  this is what i will continue to do, even now that all of my children are in school all day. perhaps, i will be a little more organized and have a few more quiet moments alone, but truly what i am going to do is not going to change.

and so, although i am a little sad today, i was very happy to see all of their smiles and excitement as they started back to school this morning. i truly do look forward to seeing my children grow and flourish and learn throughout yet another year.  happy first day back to school!!