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Friday, September 24, 2010

back from the beach.

although we really didn't want to leave, it was time to go.

we packed up and arrived back home last night. back from santa rosa beach. back with sun-kissed faces and a little more rested and rejuvenated from our little family getaway along at the shore.

lucky for us, we had absolutely beautiful weather all week long, allowing us to spend most of our time on the beach...

which is exactly what our family enjoys.

together, we dug giant holes and built sand castles in the sugar-white sand. we swam and played in the water, sometimes along with the fish. we took long walks along the shore, enjoyed picnic lunches, played ball in the surf and...

jumped the waves as they came crashing along the shore.
(which i might add is one of sia's favorite things to do-

we also had fun swimming in my sister's mermaid pool, attending a nearby seafood festival and even riding go karts one night.

and... on our last evening, we enjoyed dinner a local waterfront restaurant and bar spending one last evening with my sister and her husband- laughing, talking, soaking in the smell of salt-air and truly being thankful for our little vacation by the shore.

and so... we are back from the beach. back to life here at home. we will be spending the weekend unpacking and settling in before the kids go back to school on monday.

i hope you have a happy weekend whatever your plans are. i'll see you back here on monday, perhaps with some more pictures of the fun that we had.

happy, happy weekend!


  1. I don't care if I am the grand-mother the have to be the cutest sweetest children ever.....

  2. thanks mom... they are sweet and we had such fabulous getaway!