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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

did i tell you?

one evening last week after we put the kids to bed, jeff decided we should paint the kitchen. i've been wanting to do it for such a long time (i have never liked the red that came with the house). so, after i came down from kissing the kids goodnight, jeff was already in work mode- taking off outlet plates and cabinet doors, prepping walls and stirring paint.

i really do love to paint and usually i can endure staying up really late, as i am always the last to go to bed. however, after only two hours of painting, i became really, really tired. yet, quitting and finishing the next day was not an option for my husband. so as he painted, i quietly curled up on a chair in the living room and fell very comfortably asleep.

my wonderful husband let me sleep as he finished painting the kitchen alone. not one but two coats of white were needed to cover that red. and when i woke the next morning, everything was back in place. cabinet doors were back on, pictures were hung back on the walls and the kitchen was cleaned.

i know my wonderful, ambitious, thoughtful husband didn't want me to come down to a mess in the morning.
he wanted me to see the kitchen as i had been envisioning it for some time now. and, not a mess, but nice and clean.

, now our kitchen is white. so bright. so full of light. i am loving it! here is a glimpse of it now--

i'll share more later after i've made all the finishing touches.


  1. "WOW" I know you are happy.....what did the kids say? know Slade doesn't like changes, Good job my dear son-in-law.....always trying to brighten Lori's day.

  2. I did the same EXACT thing when we repainted our kitchen!! We are lucky girls!! Lis