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Friday, June 3, 2011

happy friday.

hope you are having a happy friday. i have spent most of the day packing. i really do not like to pack, let alone times four. however, we finally are all packed and the kids and i (and my mom) are heading out very early in the morning for a long drive north up to new jersey. ever since slade was born, we've been spending part of our summers there with the family that we love. i will still be posting while we are away, but until i get unpacked and settled, here are some things i've seen that you might enjoy too. have a great weekend!

try this to patch your jeans
an adorable
cookies + milk party
i can't stop staring at these
bouncy balls
balloon banner DIY
a really neat way to
wrap flowers
a site dedicated to
artful pancakes- i'm amazed!
and love this
summer list

{image found here}

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