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Sunday, June 19, 2011

goodbyes + a week at the shore.

this past week we said goodbye again after spending a whole week together as a family, including a few days by the shore. jeff boarded a plane last wednesday and headed back to work and the kids and i stayed behind in new jersey. we spent the rest of the week at my sister's beach house on the shore in sea isle.

we truly spent the entire week on the beach. jeff and i indulged in long walks alone, hand in hand, we talked about our hopes and dreams and what we think our future holds. i actually sat down and was able to read while jeff played ball with the kids. slade, elle and sia found a love for boogie boarding and enjoyed playing for hours in the surf. we were
lucky to have both of our parents join us for a relaxing day on the beach too.

and, after long days on the beach, we had dinners of clams, shrimp
, ceviche and even rolled out the brown paper one night for a crab feast on the porch. yum! our vacation at the shore couldn't be any more wonderful!

a big thank you to my twin sister lisa for welcoming us to her beach house fo
r the week. we hope it wasn't our last goodbye to the jersey shore for the summer. hopefully we'll be back soon!!

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