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Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas day magic.

it's been so long since I have sat down to write anything at all. the christmas season proved to be busier than i ever anticipated. i never did quite accomplish everything i intended to. before i knew it, christmas day had arrived. and, despite the fact that my husband and i both came down with the flu, christmas in our home still seemed quite magical as always.

i love the peace, the joy and the excitement christmas brings. every year seems a little more merrier than the last. our children are now a year older and all truly understand the meaning of christmas and it's celebration. also, excitedly this year, we had a white christmas. it was truly beautiful watching the pureness of snow fall all day long. actually, it was absolutely wonderful. i love when it snows.

our home was filled with happiness. children playing with new toys. guests arriving. family and friends preparing a christmas meal. mingling and merriness. and then the calmness of christmas night. the peace. the joy. the still twinkling of christmas lights after all are in bed. a time to remember the many blessings of our christmas day.

i'm hoping christmas was as magical in your home an
d in your heart as it was in mine.

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