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Monday, December 6, 2010

a little christmas tradition.

i've been meaning to share this with you...

a little more than a week ago, our little elf arrived. here we found him sitting above the coffee bar in our kitchen. tinsel, as we call him, came to our home a couple of years ago and continues to come each year during the holiday season.

just after thanksgiving, he arrives and sits up
on a shelf so that he is able to see and hear everything. the children can talk to him, but he cannot speak. nor can he be touched or his magical powers might be lost. each night he returns to the north pole and tells what he has seen or heard throughout the day. when we wake up each morning, tinsel is (almost) always in a different spot. i love the excitement as slade, elle and sia try to find where he might be. or, once in awhile i will hear them telling him their requests for santa claus!

quirky as it may seem, my children have come to love this little christmas tradition. they are always very sad to see their tiny elf friend leave on christmas day.
but for now, tinsel is here to stay and my children know he will be watching and listening throughout each day!

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