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Friday, December 10, 2010

she's four.

my little smiley girl sia is four years old today. i'm having a hard time believing it is really true. she is my baby and now she has become this little girl. so independent. so well-spoken. much wiser than her age. she loves to write and draw and play games. enjoys playing wii bowling and baseball with her brother. she loves running and jumping. and is often found playing school or house with her big sister. loves comfy clothes and wearing pajamas. she is my pickiest eater, but loves bread and cheese just like her mommy. she is competitive and determined like her daddy. wants to beat her brother and sister at everything. she's only four, yet she has mastered so many things just from watching her siblings. she helps me with the laundry, making beds and cleaning. she likes to organize things. her heart is huge. she'll call my name and when i answer she simply says " i love you" with that deep raspy voice of hers. it makes me smile and my heart melt. she'll always be baby, no matter how many birthdays come and go. i love my little sia with my whole heart and then some. i'm just having hard time believing she's already four.

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