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Monday, March 21, 2011

already monday?

how quickly our weekend went by. or should i say the days since last wednesday? with internet issues and having my husband at home, i pretty much stayed out of my office and away from the computer. it wasn't until late on friday (after the fourth technician arrived) that the problem with our cable and internet was resolved. so maybe it was a blessing. i wanted to enjoy as much family time together as possible anyway.

the weather friday and saturday was absolutely beautiful. over the weekend, we enjoyed watching slade play two baseball games, a fabulous pizza night, playing outdoors and even got away for a late saturday afternoon date without kids. we actually hired a babysitter and jeff and i took a few hours to sit rooftop at a local taqueria listening to happy music, talking about our life and soaking up the warm sun.... it was wonderful!

and now, it's monday. goodbyes were said and the house is quiet again. it's back to life as we know it. back to the one that has become normal for us. however, in reality, it really isn't normal at all, yet it's how we live. it's what we have to do. we know these quick monthly weekend visits won't last forever. we are positive of that. and until then, i will hold onto the happiness of amazing long weekends together wondering how it is already monday?

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