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Saturday, March 12, 2011

happy weekend.

good morning. happy weekend. it was definitely wonderful waking up to sunny skies and birds chirping this morning. even elle asked "what song are the birds singing?"

do you have any wonderful plans for the weekend?
looks like we will be spending some of our weekend sitting on the bleachers at the baseball park. slade has a game both saturday and sunday.

i also want to get started baking a few st. patricks day treats and i plan on working on a craft with the girls. sia and elle have already made cute tees to wear to ensure that they don't get pinched!! and, since they each have different teachers this year, we'll be making and giving out the same lucky charms we made last st. patricks day.

baseball, baking and crafts- seems like it's going to be a good weekend! and hopefully we'll have sunny skies too! whatever your plans, happy weekend and here some things you might like or find happy-

amazing. really. how hard can it be?

for me, it would be hard to choose just one of these

design your own peony clutch

wow!... a hotel for dogs (and beautiful too!!)

wonder if my kids would drink this green?

on my sewing list to do for spring

see you on monday... i have some happy news for next week too!

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