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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's Tuesday. I am tired, feeling a little overwhelmed by emotions. Last week I was full of anticipation, excitement and joy. Jeff arrived. Then, feelings of extreme contentment and bliss surfaced. So happy to be a family sitting down to dinner each night and waking each morning to plan our day.

Sneaking out for sushi Saturday night without children. Our date. I am so in love. Lucky and amazed I have someone so wonderful to share the rest of my life with. Our dreams... our life... the past, present and future... we laughed, we talked.

Mother's Day. Blessed, truly blessed to have three beautiful children. Sad (really sad) they are growing right before my eyes. Proud when I look at the three plants in beautifully painted pots sitting on the mantle, made by each of them in school. Reflections of motherhood and how gratifying it is. I love being a mother.

Sunday night... it's quiet, dreading the goodbye. One by one, each child arrives in our bed that night. None of us sleep well, yet we are together. We don't complain or put them back in bed. We just hold on to being together.

Monday is a daze. The drive to the airport. We are all sad. Then the goodbyes. A part of me is missing. I drive home feeling empty and alone. Sad.
Yet happy and so blessed to have had the most wonderful weekend and Mother's Day with my family being all together. I am truly thankful.

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