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Monday, May 17, 2010

monday happy.

Thankfully, the girls seem to be feeling a lot better. And, I am feeling happy for Monday morning and feeling as if tasks are completed. I stayed home all weekend accomplishing what I had intended.

I joyfully baked muffins and breads, I started putting together all of the teacher's gifts, did some ironing (yes, only some) and even gave my house a freshening up for the summer season. We cut flowers (or picked them as Elle is doing in the picture above) and brought them indoors and organized the multitude of shells we brought back from Florida in big glass jars. I love the way they look sitting on the mantle. Seeing them reminds me of the shore, a place I am longing to be and speaks of summer to me. It won't be long from now. Maybe that is a part of my happiness too.

Did you accomplish what you had intended during the weekend? Are you ready for summer to begin? I am hoping you are feeling Monday happy!!

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