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Monday, May 3, 2010

love + comfort + siblings

I hope your weekend was happy. I'm not sure where mine went. It seems to have gone by so quickly. It seems like it was just Friday afternoon and we were leaving the dentist office. It marked yet another milestone in the lives of my young children. Sia went to the dentist for the very first time. Luckily her brother and sister had appointments too.

The hygienist came out to the waiting area and called Sia's name. She looked at me, then Slade and he grabbed her hand and walked her back into the office.
Ahhh... the love of siblings. The hygienist smiled and winked and then the door closed. I sat there and couldn't believe my baby was actually going to sit in that dentist chair like a big girl and without her mommy. I tried. Seriously tried hard to hold back the tears. It truly couldn't be that my baby was now old enough to visit the dentist. I was so choked up.

Thankfully, another hygienist came out to let me know that Sia was doing great but she was a little teary-eyed, however, she told me now Elle was holding her hand and wiping any tears.
Ahhh... the comfort of siblings. I felt so much better and knew it was best that I remained in the waiting area. She would have really cried if she saw me. And, thankfully she had Elle by her side.

And then, before I knew it, out they came. Sia and Elle had gigantic smiles with new toothbrushes, prizes and stickers in hand. She did it. Sia's first dentist appointment was complete (and without mommy by her side). I was so proud of her and proud of Slade and Elle for the comfort they gave to their little sister. Slade came out next with the same statement of accomplishment on his face. He too was smiling big.

I checked out and left the dentist office feeling like such a proud mom. Not only was my little girl such a big girl today, but I was tremendously thankful for siblings. I am so blessed to have three children to love and to watch grow together. I am truly thankful for the love and comfort my children give one another, not only today but always.

Sia is not so happy as our wonderful pediatric dentist commemorates the event with a photograph. Elle steps in to help hold a giant toothbrush for the photograph since Sia absolutely refused to.

And afterwards in the car, Sia is very happy showing her pearly whites as she drinks her well-deserved milkshake.

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